Cappelen group is a family owned company founded in 1973 by Jan Wessel and Marion Cappelen, who believed in the future market potential of the countries, of central and eastern Europe. Despite the radical political changes in Europe, in 1989, with the courage, determination and creativity, the first office in Bulgaria was established in 1991, initially with the main business of paper trading.

In 1999, a logistics base for paper, for the newspaper business was launched, and in 2000 Cappelen logistics (PapLog LLC) began to operate as a stand-alone logistics company. Since 2022 it is a department of Cappelen Bulgaria LLC. Over the years, logistics has evolved and reached a wide range of services including rail, intermodal and road transport, warehousing and distribution “just in time”. In 2017, Cappelen logistics began to process pharmaceutical products.




Change in the political environment


First sales office in Bulgaria


A logistical base has been purchased


A logistics base for paper processing is set up for the newspaper business


PAPLOG / CAPELLEN LOGISTICS, started working as an independent logistics company


A new terminal is built into the logistics facilities


Capital Logistics begins to process pharmaceutical products